Does the telecoms industry need to further work on its online image?

As all the main B2C companies are starting to manage effectively the range of digital tools at their disposal, the B2B companies, and especially in the telecoms industry, seem to lag behind. Do they need to further work on their online image?


You are a high-tech expert, a digital early adopter and as such you feel like technology holds no secret for you?


It is common knowledge that you are THE pioneers of the digital society. This is something we’ve seen in practice in our day-to-day activities with telcos. Whether you are deploying fibre or 4G networks, developing complex IT systems or innovative services, one thing is certain: you are aware of what is at stake when we talk about the Internet!

Moreover, there is often someone in your team, graduated from one of the best engineering schools, who will manage your websites and other social networks with his technical skills and goodwill. Sure, this deserves respect, but today, it’s not enough anymore! Marketing and communication are true professions that require specific skills! You need creativity, an excellent expertise in communications techniques and a hint of extravagance!

Ouch! Now is the time to explain to your engineering teams that they no longer will take care of your precious communication, as it is a real lever for your business that you should entrust to communication experts!


You believe that social media are not worth your time and dedication?


However, you face difficulties when you wish to hire new staff and attract the best profiles to your company. As most of them do their research online, whether it is for their internship, work-study or permanent contract, if your image is not engaging, or worse, if you are not even on social media networks, they simply won’t be interested by you!

Social media networks, as per your website, should allow to engage your contacts around your brand and values. These communication tools are an important expression of your brand image.

Are you aware of the positive impact that a true social media strategy can make on your business and recruiting activities?

YES, a nice, well-managed image will not only draw attention but also impress your audience and make it eager to work with you. If a qualified candidate wish to apply, he will mainly be interested into a company whose image can boost his resume. And why not yours?

Are you aware of your company online image?


Your brand image builders are everywhere; you can find them in traditional and digital media, but your collaborators themselves will also convey your company image. Improving your image means ensuring your business sales, recruiting with an easier process and sustaining your company activities.

Now, ask yourself if the company image that is currently perceived by your audience through your digital tools match the company vision that you would like to project…


Key advice


  • Make a diagnosis of your online image and the impact of your communication tools.
  • Create a simple, user-friendly and responsive website with a maximum of 10 pages for a showcase website.
  • Do not neglect the impact of your visuals! One picture is worth a thousand words. Provide graphic materials and avoid garish colors that are not pleasant for the eyes. By the way, when was the last time you updated your logo?
  • Be clear! Information that seems easy to get in your opinion might not be for your audience. For example, communicate effectively using infographics!
  • Use your social media networks wisely, target your audience and make sure your editorial line matches your vision.


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