Video Storyboard – FTTH Council Europe


Video Storyboard

Preparation of a synopsis, scenario and storyboard for video. We worked on several video scenarios for our client the FTTH Council Europe. Initially, we established the key messages and the general idea of ​​the project (synopsis). Then we wrote the scenario, as well as the different sequences of the video (story board, meaning the visual description of the different video sequences) in order to convey a precise vision of the video to the production team.

Our services

We boost your online presence by creating and publishing videos. Whether it is advertising, interview, institutional or interactive videos, we prepare a synopsis, scenario and storyboard to identify the main messages and conceptualize the content of the video. We can accompany you on the development and distribution of the story that will boost the reputation of your company. We also work with creative agencies and video production teams to create the film that fits your vision!

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