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Wordpress coaching

WordPress Coaching

Once we had created our customer’s website, we proposed to train her how to use the back office with a tailor-made WordPress Coaching session. This allows her to manage her own website from now on, particularly to add new files and folders, including pictures, and also to add or change the titles and texts. After this short web training session, our customer was able to take over the maintenance of her own website, instead of externalising this service resulting in significant savings and flexibility.

Our services

Today every single company and organisation must have a website, but web maintenance and updating is no easy thing for people with no web experience. For this reason we propose back office training courses and WordPress coaching sessions on your own website, so you are able to manage updates on your own. We also offer community management courses on social media, as well as public speaking coaching sessions and media training, in French and in English.

In France, these training sessions can be covered by your OPCA under certain conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.