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You wish to boost your communication activities in France but do not have a local team and cannot afford to hire full-time professionals? You don’t know where to start to develop your French communication strategy? You need French language marketing material for an event or a special meeting? A French language website? You want to launch social media campaigns in France? You wish to organise an event in Paris or simply need local help for a one-off projects? These are all reasons why you could outsource your communication to a team of experts whilst you focus on your business.


Let’s start at the beginning: why should you outsource your communication?


Even if you are – rightly – convinced of the importance of launching local communication activities to support your business development in France, you may be reluctant to hire a full-time communication manager, as a matter of fact you may not even have a local office yet! The cheaper option of hiring trainees or unexperienced freelance professionals often leads to a high investment in human resources on your part to manage and train them. This does not mean that you need to give up on your communication plans – and miss an opportunity to boost your visibility!


Make no mistake: implementing modern, highly-effective communication tools and campaigns does not require the presence of a full-time professional within your organisation. On the contrary, by outsourcing your communication to experts, you will be able to focus on your job, while they take care of your communication as a white label.


Tailor-made support


The model of outsourced communication is suitable for organisations of all sizes. It is flexible and efficient, and offers a wide range of benefits. One of them is that you get access to varied skills and experiences that one person alone would have a hard time providing, in domains such as: communication strategy and planning, visual identity, graphic design, public relations, web design, community management, web marketing, event production, etc. Which communication services can you outsource? The answer is simple… take your pick! Whether it is a one-off or a long-term project, you can call on an outsourced communication team to handle one or several of your communication activities.

You don’t know where to start, or which actions you should prioritise? No problem, communication experts can also support you in developing your communication strategy and point out the main projects you should focus on to boost your performance!


Innovate and control costs


Outsourcing some or all your communication activities is a strategic and modern choice, which offers great opportunities for organisations, especially SMEs and non-profit organisations. In practice, it is very easy to implement, and you enjoy the benefits very quickly. The first to say so are the leaders who have taken the plunge.


This model grants you greater cost control because you pick the package(s) you need and benefit from the flexibility of a service agreement. In the end, an outsourced communication team is less expensive because it offers a wide range of skills, which is more effective for your organisation. Outsourcing your communication also allows your organisation to free up time and resources to focus on the most important thing of all – your business! The idea is to avoid making mistakes and reinventing the wheel. For instance poor targeting, unrealistic budgets, resources or schedules are frequent mistakes that can quickly lead to a loss of performance in communication plans.


Experts at your service


Outsourcing your communication to experts allows you to professionalise this aspect of your business. No need to improvise! You benefit from the great experience, creative ideas and best practices of a skilled communication team. Also the external, independent and objective viewpoint brought by an outsourced team is priceless as you are often caught up in the daily activities of your job! Finally, you will also benefit from a network of qualified local service providers and relevant network of public relations contacts! This is a key to guarantee quality of service and respect of deadlines, for example when producing an event or setting up advanced features for your website!


Last word


You do entrust your accounting to professionals, right? Communication is also best taken care of by experts! Based in Paris, Bubble Blue Agency will boost your organisation’s visibility in France, by providing high-level and professional communication services, both in French and English languages.  We can also provide secretariat services to international associations and professional federations looking to develop a presence in Paris/France.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and a free quotation!

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