Your event in Paris in 2018!

Did you know that France, particularly Paris and its region, is one of the most attractive European country for international events? You have never organised an event in Paris and wonder what would be the advantages for your organisation? Let us guide you with five good reasons to organise a memorable and professional event in the French capital:


1) Boost your revenue


You might feel reluctant to organise an event as it will in most cases require to invest money. However, if you have clear objectives and a rigorous organisation process, the return on investment should meet your expectations and even go beyond! Most events can deliver at least twice the value of the budget allocated for organising them!


For instance as a business, if you invite your customers free of charge to your VIP event, you can expect more sales for your business as surveys[1] show that around half of event attendees plan to buy what they see exhibited within 12 months after an event.


If you are a non-profit organisation, event sponsorship and ticket sales can generate significant ROI, at least you can be sure to cover your costs! All the events we have organised so far for professional organisations generated a profit.


2) Promote your organisation


In order to promote your organisation in France it is key to have a local presence and meet with the local stakeholders in person. If you evolve in a highly competitive business environment, you may find it hard to make your voice heard. Organising an event is a great way to increase your notoriety and boost your image while highlighting your expertise, products and services. When you organise an event, you are keeping your company and products in the minds of those who are in your target market and community. Think about your event as an excellent way to increase the hype around your organisation!


For example, the international organisation BICSI has just entered the French market with the objective to share its members’ invaluable knowledge and leading-edge technology know-how with the local market players. With this objective in mind, we organised a one-day event in the centre of Paris on 5 April that gathered French industry stakeholders. The event was a great success and contributed to developing the reputation of the organisation in France! Another event in Paris is already scheduled in October.


3) Secure customer loyalty and strenghten your community


Holding an event is a great opportunity for networking while broadening your database and increasing the loyalty of your clients and partners. Events help consumers connect to your brand and organisation. When you have the opportunity to interact with consumers in person, you can build an emotional connection with them and make a great impact on their engagement that helps drive brand loyalty – and ultimately sales.


Take the opportunity of your event to organise face-to-face meetings that can really solidify someone’s interest in your organisation. In addition to developing a connection, people attending your events will build relationships with each other and strengthen your business community.


4) Become a reference in the French industry


If you wish to build or improve your presence in France, organising an event in Paris is a great way to gather your customers and sales lead in one place! Further than that, by inviting a relevant audience and high-level speakers (official representatives, decision-makers, industry experts, etc.), you stand out as a reference in your line of business and gain credibility with your partners and customers. Not only do you exist, but you have the means to throw high-quality events!


5) “Paris is always a good idea!”


Audrey Hepburn said it all, right? Choosing to host your event in Paris means choosing a city that displays a rich, eclectic and modern image. With a unique history, a dynamic cultural life and iconic shops, Paris attracts 32 million tourists each year. How about your clients? The French capital offers multiple possible locations to host your event and when selecting your venue in Paris, only the sky is the limit: hotels, conference centres, restaurants, gardens, ballrooms, museums, theatres, stadiums, universities, meeting rooms and even rooftops!


For example, in late October, we organised a VIP cocktail party for French company TDF to thank its partners, customers and team members. The theme of the event was Creativity and Virtual Reality and the party was  held in the brand new “MK2 Virtual Reality” venue, an open and warm space that offers immersive experiences in virtual reality through different technologies (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, etc.). Paris truly opens a very broad range of possible options for your event!


Last word


We are based in Paris and we love our city! We know what we are talking about because we  have a rich experience in organising international events in various countries (Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Sweden, South Africa, Tunisia…) and have developed a strong expertise in scouting locations. As event professionals, it is clear to us that Paris offers limitless possibilities when organising an event. We work with a network of qualified suppliers in the capital and use creativity and proven methodology to organise your event, so if you have any event projects, do not hesitate to contact us! You are not decided yet? We can carry out a feasibility study before embarking on this adventure!


Bubble Blue Agency provides you with a turnkey event and takes care of everything! Conferences, congresses, seminars, themed events, exhibitions, corporate events, inaugurations or even project launches, our team will apply its expertise to guide and manage the entire organisation of your event. For more information on our events, visit here!



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